Liquid love

You give me

Ten milliliters of fluid hope

And then blow dry it away

Every kiss evaporates

Like there’s nothing left to say

The moon’s tide takes me to you

But the sands tell me to stay

My thirst is overwhelming

Like the heat of a summers day

And all I want is your touch

But all this water’s in the way


Give me dreams sleep and peace

I wait for you to fall asleep first

So your low rumble

Can rock me to sleep

I sneak kisses

Every chance I get

Because I’d rather have your lips

For a brief moment

Than not at all

I hope to hear your voice

But that’s a wasted thought

Every moment that I think of you

Is a moment you’re not with me

Those moments are growing more frequent

The kisses are further apart

My nights are growing restless

And I’m starting to wonder

If this is what I really want

Every question left unanswered

Every story left untold

A wall that keeps growing higher

A burden felt in your smile

All this confusion fill my corners

What is left and what is right

Every single wish is punished

By a million question marks

And as the sun starts the morning

I know one thing to be true

I’d rather be dreaming beside you

Than not sleeping apart